About Panic Pong

Paddles Balls Bricks Explosions & Panic

Result of a one-weekend programming frenzy Panic Pong is a mashup of two classic video games. It combines the competitive two player action of Pong with the destructible bricks of Breakout, and adds a good measure of panic. And explosions.

watch two AI players fight each other for the higher score

The players fight each other to the last ball, while collecting points for destroyed bricks and scored goals.
The game becomes faster over time until, if the players can keep their wits together long enough, it enters the name giving panic mode. The game features fancy stylised graphics and of course AI players, for when one cannot find a second player or just wants to lean back and watch the computer play itself. There also are a couple of twists that differentiate Panic Pong from other similar games, like gravity, paddles not moving in a boring straight line and naturally lots of explosions.

Note that Panic Pong is still in beta.

That means, the game is still missing sound, power-ups and a more exciting panic mode and maybe more (if you have ideas about what to include or other feedback, let me know). So check back later for more features.

In the meantime, enjoy the game!