advASCIIdraw Features

Advanced Brush

The brush tool makes editing ASCII art as natural as can be. It allows for smooth and fluid drawing of characters, colour or both and comes with many options like different shapes and sizes.


Use as many layers as you like to make your images more modular and flexible. There are also different blend modes so you can easily create background or transparent overlay layers.


Presets are an innovative feature that allows you to create custom brushes that draw a variety of symbols and/or colours to quickly fill large areas with a texture of your choice.

using presets to quickly draw randomized grassy ground
using the selection tool to move an area of the image

Huge Canvas

advASCIIdraw supports images from single tiles to gigantic sizes. Create vaste scenes, thousands of characters accross and draw away.

Copy & Paste and Selections

Easily manipulate large areas of your image through the selection tool and copy & paste. You can delete, fill, copy or move around selected areas or even whole layers and copy and paste on the same layer, between layers, or between images.

Custom Charsets and Colour Palettes

Easily modify existing or add your own colours palettes and charsets to customize your images. advASCIIdraw uses common graphics files and plain text script files, as well as in-program editing for most aspects, to achieve the maximum of flexibility.

Text Editing

If you ever need text in your ASCII image, you can simply paste it in from any outside text editor, or even just write it yourself directly in advASCIIdraw.

File Compression

The custom file format of advASCIIdraw uses the DEFLATE compression algorithm also used in the ZIP file format. This makes even your biggest images take up only little space, so it is easy for you to move them around or share with others.

PNG Export

You can easily export your ASCII image or just a part of it to a PNG image, with just a few clicks. The exported files are compressed and look exactly like your image does in advASCIIdraw.