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About advASCIIdraw

advASCIIdraw is the ideal tool to quickly create complex roguelike dungeons and environments and other ASCII art. Its innovative and flexible tools empower you to to create cool ASCII art of any kind in no time.

If you want to know more about what the program has to offer, check out the features page.

Also check out the gallery, where you can look at images others have made using advASCIIdraw.

And of course feel free to just download the latest version and give it a try. After all, it's free!

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About amulware

advASCIIdraw was made by indie developer amulware. We make mostly games, some of which you can check out on our website at

Please do us a favour and have a look, there are several free downloads and even a game you can play in your browser. If you see anything you like, also be sure to maybe tell a friend!

Thanks for taking the time, and enjoy the pixels!

Latest News

Status Clarifications

by Paul on

It will probably not come as a big surprise, given the date of the last news post, but since I just got a bug report, I figured I should make an official statement about the state of AdvASCIIdraw.

Despite what I said in that post, now more than a year ago, the program and project are dead, at least for the foreseeable future.

While I enjoyed every minute I spent working on this, and am very humbled by the many nice comments and overall positive reception I got, that is not enough to make a living.
So for the time being I have moved on to concentrate fully on making games (see for what I am doing pretty much full-time right now).

This does not mean that AdvASCIIdraw has to remain dead forever. I would very much enjoy reviving it at some point in the future, including a full rewrite in a more modern language, and a bunch of features, that I could only dream about back then.

But, in the end (unless someone gives me loads of moneys for doing that ;) ), I cannot make any promises.

For the time being, the only thing I can, and will continue to do is hosting the site and program, just where it has always been. And I will also always still answer any questions that I get per mail or through our forums.

So, thanks a lot to everybody who has been, and maybe still is using AdvASCIIdraw.
I made the program just for you, and anything you do with it makes me proud and happy!

Enjoy the pixels!

Update: 2.0.3

by Paul on

It has been quite a while, a few weeks have in fact turned into several months.
But let it be said, that advASCIIdraw is not dead!

In fact, just last week I got a feature request.
So, after all this time, I got out my compiler, my IDE and other custom tools, and here we are:

New feature: Text export.

As the name suggests, you can now export your images as clear text, to do with as you please.

Full change log:

  • ADDED layer and selection text export, accessible through both the 'export' menu and console

  • ADDED console commands:

Now, this update does not mean that I will again start working on advASCIIdraw as a full time thing, however it does mean that if there are features that you guys would like to see included, and that are not too difficult to implement, I would be more than happy to serve.

And on a last note, for those of you that are interested what I am spending my time on these days, check out the game I am currently working on:
Our first (closed) alpha will be released very soon, so keep an eye out and maybe you can join in on the play testing!